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What Everyone Needs to Know About Growing Show-Stopping Hibiscus

hibiscus article

You cannot fail to miss the show-stopping hibiscus. Most people will take a double-take if you have these growing in your front yard. These perennial garden blooms are huge. Known fondly as the “dinner plate Hibiscus”, they can grow to 3-5ft and 10-12 inches in diameter. Hibiscus are beautiful and colorful and certainly catch the eye. If you want to know more about Hibiscus, such as whether they grow in your zone, when to plant and how to care for Hibiscus, this article from is for you. The article pertains to the hardy hibiscus variety and below the article,
you will find a very handy video containing tips on growing tropical hibiscus variety. Tropical hibiscus (such as the black hibiscus above) require different growing instructions, so if you want to grow these check out the video.

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