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Secrets to successfully caring for a Christmas cactus


If you have been given a Christmas cactus as a gift this year, be very grateful. The Christmas cactus if cared for, can last two decades or even longer! But, what are the tricks to keep this strange but beautiful plant blooming year after year. In this short video you will discover the secrets to caring for a Christmas cactus. You will also learn how to cultivate and share cuttings with your friends. Watch the short video to find out how.

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  1. Yes it did until a arm fell off and the whole thing died and it was my mother -in-laws .

  2. Due to my being ill, my two plants died this summer. These bloomed beautifully for several years! Thanks for this post! Blessings!

  3. ctoria has one that was my Moms, and Grandmothers I believe. Way more than 2 decades. I have a its baby that is at least 30 years.