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Easy Step-by-Step Video Tutorial to Make Rainbow Roses

I am sure you have seen the popular rainbow roses all over social media. They sure are pretty aren’t they?

If you were to purchase rainbow roses from a florist they would cost a small fortune.

In this short video tutorial, you will discover how to make rainbow roses easily and in a cost-effective way.

By the way, those rainbow rose seeds you have seen advertised on Ebay and other places, guess what, they are Fake! Rainbow roses do not grow naturally in nature.

Also, I have researched several methods to achieve richly colored rainbow roses and this video, to my mind, will give you the best result. There are a few popular videos using food coloring, but unfortunately, they do not work. The idea is good, but food grade coloring will not give you vibrant colored roses.

However, if you have tried the food coloring method and it worked for you, please drop a note in the chat with your tips.

You will find the short video tutorial on page 2.

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